At Lily&Bee, our mission is to bring you handmade and natural skincare of the highest quality at affordable prices. We personally source all our products made with natural oils and herbal extracts. Our range will provide you with nourishing and effective products that you and your family can use for your face, body and hair.

Our company was born out of a lifelong interest in skincare and the realisation that what we put on our body is just as important as what we put in it. Our skin is our largest organ and it is vital that we pay great attention to the ingredients of the skincare products we use. Ingredients such as rose and lavender oils and waters, olive oil and natural soaps can give our skin all of the nourishment it needs.

Our motto is ‘Nature Knows Best’ and this is at the heart of everything we do. First and foremost, we look to what nature can provide us. Our skincare range aims never to compromise the health of your skin, or the environment. Natural and safe ingredients mean fewer toxic substances and less waste in our environment. Our packaging is made from recyclable materials wherever possible.

We are a cruelty-free and ‘no-nasties’ brand. We guarantee premium quality, standardised ingredients across our range. All content complies with European Cosmetic Legislation and our production is GMP certified.

Our products do not contain alcohol, formaldehyde, sulphate, aluminium, mineral oils, petroleum-derived raw materials. No carcinogenic, mutagenic and toxic substances are used. We do not use synthetic fragrances, synthetic colourings, harmful preservatives, SLS and SLES or any GMO raw material.